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School Heating Systems

We specialise in the design and installation of high quality commercial school heating systems tailored to meet governing bodies requirements. We also offer bespoke solutions for individual schools that reflect the school’s exact needs.

Commercial Boilers for Schools

Priory Gas Heating supply, install & service commercial boilers for school heating systems from leading brands including Viessmann, Hamworthy, Remega & Worcester-Bosch.

Inspection & Testing

We establish the issues with your existing commercial boiler and heating system to decide whether it can be repaired or a replacement commercial boiler and heating system is needed. We can provide a detailed report on our finding along with a quotation on the work required to bring the school heating system up to regulations or make safe in case of series issues if discovered.

Approved Hamworthy Installers

Priory Gas Heating have worked closely with Hamworthy commercial boiler on many school heating project for several years and are approved Hamwothy installers. Hamworthy are a leading UK based manufacturer of energy-efficient commercial boilers and heating systems. Priory Gas Heating are approved installers for Hamworthy commercial boilers and heating systems. Hamworthy is one of the leading ecologically efficient commercial boiler manufacturers in the UK based in Poole, Dorset. You can read further here about Hamworthy commercial boilers installed into schools & colleges.

Gas Safe Registered

All of our experienced commercial plumbing and heating engineers are Gas Safe registered with many years of experience installing commercial boilers and heating systems into schools and colleges.

Hamworthy Boiler Commissioning

Priory Gas Heating arrange Hamworthy commissioning commercial boilers installed into schools which allows our customers to gain from improved warranty terms. Hamworthy commissioning ensures the school heating system is set up to it’s most efficient which prolongs the heating system’s lifecycle and can reduces maintenance and repair costs in the future as well as reducing heating bills and the schools carbon footprint. Learn more about Hamworthy Commercial Boiler Commissioning

Boiler Servicing

Bi-Annual servicing and maintenance of the school heating system ensure the classroom, halls, corridors and canteens are efficiently heated whilst reducing heating costs from by using A rated boiler and installing the correct size system for the schools needs.

Improve your green energy credentials

We ensure that your commercial boiler and heating system works effectively and efficiently by gathering detailed data on the performance of the heating system over time to determine ways of improving it’s efficiency.

A+ Rated, High Efficiency Commercial Gas Boilers

All boilers we install into schools are high efficiency A-Rated commercial boilers and compliant with Building Regulations Part L - Conservation of fuel and power.

Low NOx LEVELS & Up To 96% Gross Seasonal Efficiency

We ensure the nitrogen oxides emissions from your new or existing commercial boiler and school heating system conforms to the NOx regulations 2018.

Recycling & Disposing Your Existing Commercial Boiler

Your existing school heating system and commercial boiler will be recycled and disposed of by a local licensed waste collector to minimise the impact on the environment.

Commercial Heating Examples

Below is examples of recent commercial heating systems we have installed.

Google Reviews

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Commercial Heating Case Studies

Take a look at our commercial heating installation case studies to see how our commercial plumbers solved their existing heating problems including an overview of the work carried out: