Harrodian Independent School

Commercial heating system installation

Project Value: £200,000
Duration: 4 Weeks
Year: 2017
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Project Details

  • Client: Harrodian Independent School
  • Location: Barnes, London
  • Year Completed: 2017
  • Value: £200,000
  • Boiler: Hamworthy
  • Duration: 4 weeks

Project Description

We were contacted by the business manager of the school to discuss the ongoing problems of the schools commercial heating system and boilers and lack of hot water.


We were asked to inspect and offer a solution to their ongoing issues then undertake investigative work by carrying out various temperature and pressure tests throughout the system along with asbestos tests, water pressure, gas meter sizing and pipe sizing to ensure the new boilers would have the correct flow rate.

We also carried out electrical tests. This system was designed in excess of 30 years ago and worked on a reverse return pipework which is very rare.


We found two of the four existing boilers were working and two of the heat exchangers on the other two had failed. The existing boilers were undersized for the size of the school so the radiators were only lukewarm throughout the school.

  • Boilers continuously breaking down
  • Central heating water not reaching desired flow temperature
  • Undersized commercial boilers for heating system
  • Incorrectly flued fumes entering plant room
  • Two leaking commercial boilers
  • Two failed heat exchangers
  • Insufficient ventilation in the plant room
  • Main swimming pool not reaching the desired temperature

Work Carried Out

We designed the plant room and specified the boilers to the correct size, checked the gas supply and water. The central heating was designed and fitted to achieve 97% efficiency.

The school had fully controlled central heating and hot water throughout with a consistent supply of hot water on demand. We upgraded the plate heat exchanger system which was undersized to ensure the correct heat output was given by three Hamworthy purewell 180 cast iron condensing boilers.

  • Removed existing commercial boilers, pipework, flue in, header kit and associated controls
  • Designed and carried out plant room refurbishment
  • Installed 3 Hamworthy purewell vari heat 180c 560Kw commercial boilers
  • Installed new header kit, primary pumps, plate heat exchanger
  • Upgraded gas supply and installed compensated weather controls off a new bespoke control panel
  • Boilers selected to serve the estate and supply additional floors on the main school building
  • Installation was fully commissioned by manufacturers to give their extended warranty
  • Up to 40% reduction in gas consumption
  • Desired supply temperature for hot water, central heating and swimming pool easily achieved
  • Safe flue-in and ventilation achieved and correct gas supply to plant room
  • Hassle free plant room backed up by our warranty and the manufacturers’ warranty
  • Reduced NoX level


The complete system was installed and the previous system removed within 4 weeks.