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22 Manchester Square, Marylebone, London W1U 3PT


Client: Wyndham House
Location: Bryanston Square, London
Year Completed: 2015
Value: £70,000
Boiler: Hamworthy
Duration: 2 weeks


We were contacted by fortune management to investigate the hot water and heating problems that the residents were experiencing.


We found the boiler was under performing, hot water chlorifier was in excess of 50 years old and not producing enough water for residents in peak demand.


We concluded the system was a reverse return system of pipework, the central heating water temperature was at 35 degrees. We also found that 12 of the outside fan units which controlled fresh air, stale air and heat to kitchens, toilets and offices etc were faulty.

Existing commercial boilers continuously breaking down
Undersized flue liner
Existing water tank was a legenella threat
Not able to achieve desired hot water temperature

Work Carried Out

We designed and build a new A rated plant room insuring tenants would never run out of hot water and they would have more sufficient central heating throughout the building.

The boiler room was fitted using 2 Hamworthy Millbourne 100Kw condensing frame mounted boilers. This also helped with reducing the carbon footprint and bringing the NoX levels in accordance with the City of London regulations.

Removed existing cast iron atmospheric commercial boiler
Removed existing galvanised 3000L water tank
Designed and refurbished existing plantroom
Fitted two Hamworthy frame mounted high efficiency commercial boilers integrated with low loss headers
Fitted 3 powerstock 300L indirect watertanks producing 3000l of water an hour to meet peak demands


Reliable central heating throughout
Hot water on demand
Efficiency produced a 35% improvement


The complete system was installed and previous system removed within 2 weeks

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