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22 Manchester Square, Marylebone, London W1U 3PT


Client: Maitland Court
Location: Hyde Park, London
Year Completed: 2016
Value: £500,000
Commercial Boiler: Hamworthy
Duration: 12 weeks


Maitland Court management agents contacted us about ongoing issues over several years with hot and cold water and communal heating problems. The building was also experiencing nuisance vibrations throughout the building from an existing central heating pump.


We were asked to inspect and offer a solution to their ongoing issues then undertake investigative work by carrying various temperature and pressure tests throughout the system.


We concluded that sections of the old commercial boilers had failed, burners were not working to their full potential, the hot water tank and chlorifiers were leaking, the heat exchanger had failed, water galvanised tanks were degrading and the system was inefficient resulting in high energy use and heating costs.

Removing old tanks in boiler room
Take out two 7 thousand litre communal hot water tanks including removed asbestos.
Cutting out 6 inch pipe work

Work Carried Out

We supplied and fitted a half ton variable speed inverter driven pump with anti vibration fittings to eliminate this problem, saving thousands of pounds on their electricity bill.

Fitted six 1000 litre power stock hot water tanks with relevant valves
Replacing one 500 kw commercial boiler and commissioning
Changing six 3000 litre galvanised cold water storage tanks
Repiping tank rooms and fitting new sealed water tanks and chlorinating
Improving 100 luxury flats heating and hot and cold water services


Desired supply temperature for hot water and central heating easily achieved


We concluded that upgrading the hot water system to a tailor made high efficient A rated heating system which was fully compliant with WRAP regulations would offer the best solution for many years to come and offer a significant reduction in energy usage and costs.

The complete system took 12 weeks from start to finish including removal of the existing hot water system. Maitland Court has seen a reduction is their heating costs and benefited from a reliable heating system.

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