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22 Manchester Square, Marylebone, London W1U 3PT


Client: Embassy of Malta
Location: Piccadilly Circus, London
Year Completed: 2017
Value: £60,000
Boiler: Hamworthy
Duration: 1 week


We were contacted by the managing agents of the Maltese Embassy due to wanting to improve their carbon ffootprint and become ERP compliant and to conform with current European regulations.


The boilers occasionally broke down, the flue was substandard, leaking heat exchanger on one of the boilers due to an old faulty pressurisation unit and incorrectly sized expansion vessel.


Boilers were failing, there was constant problems due to the boilers age. We were asked by the managing agents for the building to design a new boiler package which would be more efficient and ERP compliant as energy efficiency was strongly specified.

Ageing existing commercial boilers
More reliable and efficient boilers requested to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their NoX levels
Corroded heat exchanger on one commercial boiler

Work Carried Out

We designed and build a new A rated plant room insuring tenants would never run out of hot water and they would have more sufficient central heating throughout the building.

Removed existing commercial boilers, flue-in and associated pipework and controls by licensed waste management company
Fitted 2 new high efficiency condensing Hamworthy purewell vari-heat PV70c commercial boilers
Commercial boilers commissioned by manufactures and met ERP regulations
Fitted two mikrofill 3 pressurisation units and integrated wiring into the control panel
Gas Safe certificate issued
Manufacturers commissioning and 24 month guarantee issued
Individual pressurisation units to control cooling and central heating system


Meeting NoX level required
Carried out installation of requested heating system
Work carried out in clean and tidy manor with no disruption to the embassy


The complete system was installed and previous system removed within 1 week.

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