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22 Manchester Square, Marylebone, London W1U 3PT


Client: Chambers and Partners
Location: London
Year Completed: 2017
Value: £500,000
Boiler: Hamworthy
Duration: 12 weeks


We were contacted by the senior maintenance engineer and Chambers and Partners to look into the ongoing problems and the current versa temp central heating system which was continuously failing and only producing 35 degree celcius heat output throughput he building.

There was also ongoing hot water problem where the correct temperature was not being reached and staff complaints of a cold building.


We were asked to inspect and offer a solution to their ongoing issues then undertake investigative work by carrying various temperature and pressure tests throughout the system. We carried out asbestos tests, water pressure, gas meter sizing and pipe sizing to ensure the new boilers would have the correct flow rate.

We also carried out electrical tests. This system was designed in excess of 30 years ago and worked on a reverse return pipework which is very rare.


Boilers were failing, there was constant problems due to the boilers age. We were asked by the managing agents for the building to design a new boiler package which would be more efficient and ERP compliant as energy efficiency was strongly specified.

35 year old heating system failed due to leaking boilers
Various corrosion
Leaks throughout the building
Water contamination
Building not warming up properly
Heat pockets
Property owner wanted to become more environmentally friendly

Work Carried Out

We designed and build a new A rated plant room insuring tenants would never run out of hot water and they would have sufficient central heating throughout the building.

Installed new plant room and heating system throughout building using smiths fan assisted units throughout with independent controls for each circuit
Installed four high efficiency Hamworthy commercial boilers with inverter driven pumps
Revamped the existing air handling units
Built bespoke controls panel to control the heating through the building and air handling units


Desired supply temperature for hot water and central heating easily achieved
Gross efficiency 92%


Each unit can be controlled individually without needing to heat the whole building as before. Rapid heat up time of 2 – 5 minutes. A rated system throughout the building with local controls.

The complete system was installed and previous system removed within 12 weeks

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