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We have had a great deal of success helping our Highbury and Islington clients to enjoy fully functional, efficient and money-saving plumbing and heating systems. Many of our clients are in or have moved to the Highbury and Islington area, and our plumbing engineers can handle any plumbing or heating issue and system, however slow, damaged or out-of-date! We specialise in getting your heating and plumbing issues sorted, reducing energy waste and if needed, installing a new heating system, painlessly.

Let our Highbury and Islington plumbers to help you with your needs

  • Heating and plumbing for all Highbury and Islington residences, offices, flats, houses, conference halls, business quarters, studios and agencies
  • Swift heating and plumbing system fault diagnosis
  • Boiler repairs in the Highbury and Islington area
  • Leak repairs
  • Highbury and Islington plumbing installations
  • Commercial boiler systems
  • Domestic boiler systems
  • Repairs for burst pipes
  • Repairs for heating and plumbing issues
  • Hot cylinder installation
  • Pipework replacement
  • Thermostat problems
  • Radiators and valves
  • Control valves and heating valves
  • All associated electrical wiring
  • System component replacement
  • Gas Safety Certifications and Part L Building Regulation Certification for Highbury and Islington

Here are some more reasons why to choose our Highbury and Islington plumbers

Fast and painless plumbing and heating repair service in Highbury and Islington.

We understand how stressful plumbing and heating faults can be. No matter what type of boiler you currently have in use, we can repair or replace damaged parts and if needed, provide a new and energy-efficient heating system.

Saving Highbury and Islington money on its heating bills

Many homes and commercial enterprises in Highbury and Islington expend far more money than they need to on costly plumbing and heating bills. We install, service and maintain efficient systems which re-convert surplus energy and keep heating bills down.

We’re fast, discreet and quiet!

Arranging heating and plumbing services for a home or business in the Highbury and Islington area needn’t be an on-going disruption. Contact our Highbury and Islington heating and plumbing experts for further information, advice or a quote.

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Our Process


Discuss your heating system’s current efficiency with one of our heating & experts. We carry out a free survey, provide you with a no obligation quotation and advise you on the best heating system appropriate for your property size, heating requirements and budget.


With exceptional value-for-money servicing, we promise that you pay exactly the amount you have seen us quoting on day one. No nasty hidden charges or uncanny surprises after installation, as we want to keep our consumers happy, safe, and warm!


Our registered Gas Safe plumbing and heating engineers are fully qualified and resourceful, and trained to install, design, repair and service every requirement of your home heating systems.

Client Testimonials

Our plumbing and heating services come highly recommended by our customers.

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