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Times have changed since the original heat-only boiler and even the widely used combi-boiler. Nowadays you can take advantage of fast, state-of-the-art hot water control with a Megaflow unvented cylinder. Priory have been successfully installing Megaflow unvented cylinders of various sizes and specifications into homes and commercial properties for many years, and always with fantastic hot water results.

Boiler Installation

  • All houses, homes, flats, maisonettes, mansions, apartments and annexes
  • Domestic boiler systems
  • Megaflow cylinder installation

Boiler Maintenance

  • Swift heating system fault diagnosis
  • Radiators, servicing and valves
  • Control valves and heating valves

Boiler Repair

  • Pipework replacement
  • Boiler repairs
  • Thermostat problems
  • Leak repairs

Stay Gas Safe

Our Gas Safe registered engineers have the necessary experience to diagnose, repair and service all domestic gas heating systems.

What Are The Benefits Of A Megaflow Unvented Cylinder?

  • Faster, more efficient service with high performance ‘coil-in-coil’ heat exchanger
  • Minimised mixing of cold and hot water
  • Improved performance, even at 1 bar
  • Increased flow rate by up to 35% via water inlet controls
  • Reduced carbon footprint – CFC free insulation for maximum heat retention
  • Reduced noise – quieter mains pressure system
  • Consistent water pressure, no peaks and troughs
  • Consistent, high performance showering and fast-filling baths – wherever you are in the home
  • Faster and tidier installation
  • Comes complete with a mains water isolating valve
  • No need for an annual inspection as there is no sacrificial anode
  • Durable Duplex stainless steel interior

Can I Have A Megaflow Unvented Cylinder For My House?

Many houses and residences continue to waste money on costly heating bills. We install, service and maintain efficient boiler systems which re-convert surplus energy and keep heating bills down.

Can I Use Megaflow With Solar Heating?

Yes. Megatech Solar domestic hot water cylinders based on Megaflow HE (unvented) technology, have been specifically designed for solar applications.

Are Unvented Hot Water Systems Energy Efficient?

Yes. Unvented hot water systems exceed the Energy Efficiency Partnership’s ‘Best Practice’ for recovery times and insulation levels. This means the system heats up quickly and is more efficient at retaining the water temperature.

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Building Regulations

It is law that only suitably qualified engineers work on unvented hot water installations. All our work which falls under the Building Regulations is notified to Gas Safe.

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Unvented Cylinders Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Unvented Cylinder safe?

Unvented cylinders are perfectly safe when fitted and annually serviced by licensed operatives. If a problem does occur with the cylinder the numerous safety controls will keep the cylinder in a basic non-operating state until a fitter can diagnose and repair the issue.

Is an Unvented Cylinder economical?

A correctly fitted unvented Cylinder, although more expensive to have installed will save heating times, gas costs, emissions and money. An Efficiency of nearly 100% can be achieved as well as modern zoning techniques, high water flow rates, safe temperature blending and even electricity bills due to less pumping of water.

How long will it take to service a boiler?

It will usually take our Gas Safe engineers approximately an hour to service your boiler. This estimated time will of course vary depending on individual circumstances. You will only ever be charged the agreed service fee quoted to you by our team, prior to your boiler being serviced.

Are you gas safe registered?

Yes all of our engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered. The Gas Safe register is the official list of gas engineers who are qualified to work safely and legally on heating appliances. Follow this link to find out more about Gas Safe or feel free to call us and we’ll answer your queries.

Does a boiler need to have regular services?

We recommend that you have your boiler serviced each year. This will ensure that it is working at maximum performance and safety. Here at Priory Gas Heating we offer tailored service packages to give you peace of mind that your boiler is serviced to high standards at an affordable price.

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